Full Version: CD goes MP3

The full version CD goes MP3 upgraded to the computer with numerous tools on the topics of audio and video. As the program name can be expected, this one draws on the hard disk including a ripper, music CDs, as a MP3, Ogg Vorbis or WMA. In this CD reads goes MP3 CD information is equal with one, which ensures correct file name and ID3 tags. This leaves but not stop, the freeware, but also rip music DVDs. In addition, in the luggage: player for audio files and web radio stations and editors for MP3 and Co and their metadata. An integrated burner also immortalized digital music tracks on blanks. As a particularly nice gimmick the video jukebox deserves mention that gets a lot of music videos online and plays. And a completely round affair is CD goes MP3 through the so-called Mobile Updater, which sees itself as an interface between computer and smartphone, tablet or game console and data via USB cable, infrared or Bluetooth connection distributed.

Limitations of the full version: CD goes MP3

Full version after free registration from the manufacturer