Droppix Label Maker

Droppix Label Maker takes care of the design and printing of labels from DVDs & Co. under Windows. The shareware offers thematically layouts for video, audio and data discs. LightScribe compatible burner layout lasers even directly onto the surface of silver. Droppix Label Maker shows layout to quite flexible. The user can select from a variety of layout templates or a completely own style. With the built-in editor to add the future etiquette add your own text and graphics. Other items such as clipart also lässen be dragged&Drop; integrated. If one is satisfied with the layout of the label, created Droppix Label Maker appropriate label, printer or lase the graphics via LightScribe to the blank. Droppix Label Maker does a good job in the labeling of DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray discs. Thanks to support for LightScribe and diverse layout templates easily and quickly come to respectable results. The enhanced version of Droppix Label Maker XE even speaks multiple printers or DVD burner at the same time.