To move apps to SD card, admits free a lot of extra space on the phone. Whose Phone bursting at the seams, learns here how he resolves the problem quickly!

Who brought his Android phone with Google Play Store downloads to the edge of its capabilities, can significantly increase its memory through an SD card - if the smartphone has a slot.

Move to five steps apps on SD card

So simply move apps to SD card:

  1. First open the settings that are hidden behind the gear icon.
  2. In this menu, the sub-item is then opened and options here, the application manager.
  3. Within the Application Manager you will find all the installed apps, apps on the SD card, executed and disabled apps and an overview of all applications.

move apps to SD cardmove apps to SD card

  1. If you choose the installed apps and clicks on a selected application, the option to SD Card will move next to the relevant information
  2. By this point, the apps on the SD card can be moved.

Apps to SD card and move up disk spaceAll apps on the SD card can be identified by a check mark.

If one chooses after the menu item SD card appears in the app now shifted a check mark.

Not all apps can be moved

Unfortunately, the "Reallocate" does not work with every app. For example, nearly all applications offered by Google itself, are stored only in main memory. It is similar to the popular WhatsApp Messenger, even this can not be due to the size and the type of programming use of a memory card. For apps that can not be moved, in application manager that option is displayed, but can not be selected.

Move apps back to phone memory

Sometimes you need the data on the SD card on another device, or the card to be removed for other reasons: In both cases, the apps should (you want to continue to access it) be pushed back into the device folder. The procedure is almost identical to above-described procedure in this case. For those on the card apps, however, move appears the possibility of the selected app to Move to device memory instead of the option to SD card. Thus one allows access to the application, even if the card is removed.

Easier SD card use with the marshmallow Update

Depending on the version of Android vary the possibilities of using SD cards. Were able to KitKat only parts of the map are described, there were already with the update to Lollipop an interface that allowed permanent access to the entire map. With Marshmallow managing the Micro-SD's been even more simplified: The card can be encrypted as an internal memory formatted and will be protected from unauthorized access.