eBay app for Windows 8

The eBay app for Windows 8 makes out for direct access to eBay's Marketplace from the tile view of Windows. The free Metro app uses eBay members on the purchase and sale of articles in the popular online platform vigorously under his arms. to auction no longer used items on eBay could not be simpler. eBay app for Windows 8 brings together all the important functions of the sales platform in an application. The freeware is based on the tile look of Windows Modern UI and provides access to all the important eBay functions. The basic functions of the app are divided into tiles according to categories such as buy, sell, find, WOW offers and saved searches. The most important feature: The freeware informs the user if an auction ends or you will be outbid. In addition to general search functions 8 Notifications can be set up in the eBay app for Windows that keep the user on purchases and sales activities to date. General Account settings and an evaluation function complete the app. With the Auction app for eBay fans Windows 8 users get a direct line to eBay on the Start screen. Practical: Using the new Snap View in Windows 8, you can follow easily your own eBay activities while you continue working in another application.