Tips: How to make Minecraft diamonds more quickly

The Minecraft diamonds are the most popular raw material and characterized as difficult to get hold of. As yet succeed quickly, the gamer learns here! Both Minecraft diamonds is it is very valuable blocks in the popular game Minecraft, which can be degraded with an iron pickaxe in the mines. They are so popular because it transforms not wear as a tool and work second fastest for gold. Who has not played this great strategy game that can be downloaded Minecraft here for free and get started right away with the construction.

How to find diamonds Minecraft quickly and easily

The popular and very rare Minecraft diamond finds of gamers only in the lower layers of the blocks world in the form of Diamantenerz that needs to be treated with iron or diamond pickaxe still only. More rarely, the player can find the valuable commodity in chests of desert temples, mines or village forging. So, to quickly get to diamonds, the player must dig much. Best suited to the layers five to twelve. Minecarft diamonds 1.1 So that the player always knows if he digs right, He checked with the button F3 his position: The Y-coordinate is very important and as soon as this indicates it a value between five and fifteen, he digs right one. To be well prepared for the mining gear, the gamer needs many torches to ie over 100 plus lots of food, a sword and a pickaxe, this is itself of diamonds or iron.

The rapid breakdown of Minecraft diamonds and its use

The Diamantenerz found to be processed next. To break it down into its nine items, the player puts the diamond block in the oven to melt. This disassembled into its component goes without loss of resources and can always be reversed. If the player has the individual diamonds, he can begin to build armor, diamond tool (diamond swords, shovels or -äxte), record players, magic tables or fireworks star. Minecraft Diamond 2.1

Useful tips about the valuable raw material

Often there are several Diamantenerzblöcke together. This means for the miners that he should look closely once he encounters a block. Furthermore, lava, the archenemy of diamonds, also to be found in the lower layers of the Minecraft world. For this reason, care is required and it is recommended never to dig straight down, but only in parallel and tunnel example. also, however, applies that where lava is hiding and diamonds. So, it pays to look carefully once more thoroughly as soon as one gets to lava. For greater efficiency in the degradation of diamonds, the entrainment of gecrafteten diamond pickaxe is perfect: For the gamer enchanted pickaxe on his magic table and adds it the ability "happiness" added.