Album Cover Finder

Album Cover Finder finds and downloads Music Albums Cover from the network to your own computer. The music expert also provides further data on song makers and associated meta-data with iTunes for Windows. To find artwork with Album Cover Finder you have to do is enter the name of the desired album, and the artist. then the demo scoured the data banks of international online department store Amazon for matching information. Album Cover Finder is next title images and more detailed information such as the song list of the album, Year of the record, Discography or tour dates. All found data like album from Cover Finder with iTunes. With Album Cover Finder you will add missing artwork and metadata of songs, the iTunes database. but finds the search specialist at Amazon also no suitable cover, the album art in iTunes area remains empty.

Limitations of Album Cover Finder

The trial version can be tested 15 minutes without restrictions after that Album Cover Finder converts to a lite version with fewer features.