Who says SPSS, actually thinks IBM SPSS Statistics. Since the late 1960s, were fed as a computer or with punch cards, the shareware more or less the Standard in statistical analysis represents.

SPSS Download brings the standard in statistics at the computer

Thanks to its modular design and the consequent huge function handling SPSS is in the scientific research well appreciated and used as in the free economy. Here, the Statistics Coach comes about in the field of market research for use. Spaces so only suitable for common alternative Office programs for download.

spss downloadWith the SPSS Download SPSS Statistics Professional Create (Picture: SPSS Inc./Redaktion)

The abbreviation stands SPSS originally Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Accordingly, the analysis software helps, for example, in the various steps in the framework of Surveys and similar surveys required are. This is where the SPSS download the design of the survey designs and cares about the Data capture and analysis to presentation of results for all other operations.

Optics, tutorials and sample data facilitate entry

Since SPSS visually modern Office programs oriented and also a whole range of Wizards and tutorials same with factory brings to the computer, the introduction to the subject designed not easy, but at least reasonably comfortable. In addition, care numerous files with sample data that the incorporation into the SPSS syntax and functionality does not come to the complete hypothetical dry run.

Home with useful shortcuts

As also helpful, this proves to IBM called the landing page launch window. Here one gets not only quick access to recently used files, but also Overview of installed and missing extensions. Also updates and subsequent installation of modules can be done here. In addition, users call from this central point of the tutorials and get in brief about the new features of the currently installed version of SPSS downloads.

Statistical evaluations as interactive HTML5 web reports

So here we learn for example, that the statistics tool now also optimized output his data for mobile devices or for viewing via browser controlled, for which interactive web reports are generated on HTML5 basis. Also can be a recently Python plugin integrate directly during installation in SPSS, which further improves the expandability of the statistician through their own programming. was reworked in SPSS also with regard to Data analysis using Monte Carlo simulation method. Here can be now called Heatmaps from scatter plots produce and ALM models as a basis use for simulation. the conductivity of the program in server-client environments is enhanced. Thanks to a technique called SQL pushback data transformations can now be done directly in the databases.

Limitations of SPSS

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