Skins: To go to the Rainbow Serpent Skins: To go to the Rainbow Serpent Skins are easy to change. The Game is suspected of the cult hit outdo. read here how to customize the appearance of his snake! became in no time the secret among browser games. The mixture of the cult game Snake and the namesake is the perfect stopgap. Who does not know the game, come here to free download skins provide a colorful worm swarm

Who’s got the taste and wants to meander with thousands of gamers around the bet, the favorite in his outfit can. A total of 22 skins to choose from: from the Rainbow Serpent on the colors of various national flags through to albino worm with tentacles. Unfortunately let out No own skins Create (as was possible with and what to politically more than dubious designs led). Nevertheless, there are actually for every taste the right animals.

Thus, the skins can be adapted:

On the home page of the game, the Change Skin option can be found next to the login screen and a short introduction at the bottom right. SkinsThe Skins can be found on the home page of the games. (Image: Screenshot Thorntree Studios / Editorial)

If you select this button off, a new window, where different from 22 skins can be selected opens. By clicking the left or right arrow key, you can view all the options. When you have found the perfect outfit for themselves, players simply need to click Save and return to the starting screen. Now just enter a username and you can play in individual look Slither.

ausswählen Skins22 different snakes are available. (Image: Screenshot Thorntree Studios / Editorial)

More tips & To make tricks from Blindschleiche a constrictor

The aim of the game is to grow as fast as possible. For this, the small luminous points must be collected while collisions with other reptiles are avoided. In order to stay as long as possible in the game, so you should always keep some distance from the reptiles of other players. Beyond a certain size, a speed booster can be activated. Alternatively, the mouse button or the upward-pointing arrow button has to be pressed. The disadvantage of the booster: The longer one uses it, the more shrink the snake again. Unlike no smaller objects can be swallowed in that food intake is done solely via the small glitter dots. However, this can be a particularly large amount found at the point where a player has just lost his life. Who speculates, may encircle other players and so lure them into the trap way also from a certain queue length. It’s just a matter of time before the “enemy” snake touches their own and dissolves in precious fairy dust, which can be easily absorbed. Here’s how it looks in the game then of: