AirParrot a bridge between your Windows PC and the Apple TV box. WLAN, without annoying cable tangle shareware via Airplay transferred to the apple tv what is happening on the computer screen like this.

stream with AirParrot Download the Windows desktop on the TV

Whether one uses this function for images, videos or content of the browser window, accordingly does not matter. However AirParrot requires at least one AppleTV box. 2 Those who want to stream full 1080p HD resolution and should have the external hardware in its 3 version.

AirParrot download

The streams occurs AirParrot on without too much effort. Accordingly are not many options available. Using a slider, both video quality and frame rate as well as the so-called underscan be influenced and optionally hide the mouse pointer. Here, too, is reduced for AppleTV 2 the resolution to 720p. In the current version, users can now also stream music to AirPlay-enabled speakers. In the trial version you are limited to a maximum of 20 minutes. After that must be restarted. All in all, a solution for all those who want to stream without much prior knowledge and of clicking their desktop to the AppleTV. Similarly uncomplicated done incidentally the freeware Shairport4w their service, but in the opposite direction and exclusively for music.

Limitations of AirParrot

The trial ends automatically after 20 minutes.

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AirParrot Download Editor's Rating