UC browser

UC browser

With the UC browser Android the user receives a web browser that is optimized for mobile browsing. Thanks to data compression and cloud acceleration of the user surfs very fast. Moreover, night mode, download manager, intuitive gesture control, etc. provide mobile surfing fun.

UC browser Android: No newcomer among surfboards

A first version of the mobile browser was released by the development team UCWeb from 2004. Today, the internet browser for different operating systems can be had, among other things, for iOS, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian and of course Android. To the latter is even with the holiday download. The browser requires at least Android version 2.2, like higher.

UC browser Android

Fast browsing via the Android UC Browser

Points, the UC Browser for Android in any case, with his speed. The mobile browser makes use of a high-end compression technology, in which the server act as a proxy and streamline data before sending. In order for a significantly faster page loading and less data usage be guaranteed. The cloud acceleration plays with pure. In addition, a powerful rendering, which holds sufficient resources for animation, for a very good graphics makes.

UC browser Android Tab management

Core functions of the mobile browser

In addition to the speed of the UC browser proves also in terms of its gesture control strength. Thus, in the tourist class surface changing the tabs is very dynamic, can search the user also via voice control. How well the controls work with gestures, is also in the film shows. Thus, brightness, volume or progress of a video can be adapted easily with gestures. Even surfing in Incognito mode is of course possible. In addition to the standard features expected of a browser, the Android browser has a number of clever additional features on board.

Smart extras in the web browser

The Android browser app has a so-called auto pager. This is contrary to the user and provides a convenient operation, because it would save the click to page 2, 3, 4, etc. The function automatically detects the user scrolls the end of a page and loads the content of the following side. For a pleasant and surf feeling – especially in the dark – makes night mode that adjusts to reading in the dark.

UC browser Android Night Mode

also is worth mentioning the well dissolved Downloading issue in the UC browser Android. On the one hand, the user can easily download multiple files simultaneously. So the download takes place in the background unobtrusively, for automatic reconnections is made when the user is in motion. Second, the download manager contributes to a good management of files. This shows the downloaded files in a clear and well sorted, and saves the user a long search. In addition, files and pages for offline reading that can be stored here.
the so-called doodles also are designed to provide fun. These small emoji can be attached when sharing content.

UC browser Android Themes

Functionality and layout of the UC browser Android can also expand with plugins and change. For example, there is an on-site Theme Center, can be used from the different styles.