Android smartphones: off TalkBack

Android smartphones: off TalkBack

experienced before? You do not know why, but suddenly the Android smartphone speak with one and also can no longer be operated correctly? Then probably the Google Accessibility is turned on. How can the so-called Disable TalkBack may we show in this article. Prerequisite: The Google Talk Back App must be installed. If it is not already present on the device, they can download it for free here.

Disable TalkBackSuddenly the phone talks to one and it only frame around tapped icons are displayed: What to do?

disable busboy Talkback

Google Talkback Android smartphones have a very useful operational guide for people with visual impairments or low vision. The feature can be activated directly while setting up the device – but also afterwards in the settings. And that can happen by mistake before.

Who suddenly finds a talking phone, so do not expect directly with witchcraft, but has probably just squashed somewhere. but the problem now is not necessarily the sudden speech joy of the device, but rather the now unfamiliar operation. Talkback disable is still not that hard – just a little unusual.

Talkback disable DismantlingAbout the settings to get the menu, in which the busboy TalkBack can be deactivated.

disable TalkBack: So it’s theoretically

Actually, the issue of busboy not so hard on the following way:

  1. Calling up and search accessibility or input help.
  2. There, tap and select visual aid TalkBack.
  3. Touch the switch at the top so that it to Off (position left) is back.

However, some users will be able to proceed not as easy as it can not operate as usual their smartphone simultaneously. It simply does not respond to the usual gestures like simply tapping and scrolling. This also has to do with the busboy. Suddenly icons are only framed green or blue when you tap on it, but nothing else happens. What to do?

Double-click help

The trick in this case is to simply repeat the Tap twice quickly, say, a Double To make the icon once it is framed in green or blue. Anyone who wants to enter the menu, so you have even tap the Menu icon, so that a frame appears, and then twice more touch the icon to land at the desired location.

To the Scroll in TalkBack Mode you just do not, as usual, to take a finger. It must touch the screen two fingers, for example, middle and index fingers.

Talkback disable learn operationWho wants to still use TalkBack can be passed from Google introduces the form of small lessons.

Use these gestures can now navigate as mentioned above into the settings and disable TalkBack: So tap always a time until the frame appears, then tap twice to open the respective menu. scrolling with two fingers. This requires a little practice, but do not worry, so you quickly out of this unfamiliar mode back out. The device is the way Whatever vibration feedback when typing when talkback is active. So you can be sure that you perform actions properly.

Who TalkBack wants to use the other hand, can be give a small introduction to testing facilities in the form of lessons to be able to operate the unit after liquid after turning on Google. Who needs more help in operating its smartphones, however, can also, for example, a look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 throw manual download or download our database for more manuals and help consult for telecommunications.