Pretty Little Liars on Netflix one of the preferred titles in the series junkies. Pretty Little Liars, usually abbreviated to PLL, can be streamed including on max cathedrals, iTunes and Amazon Instant Video currently as well. We reveal what seasons of the popular mystery series can be received via streaming or on TV. From here and all know about PLL at Netflix!

Pretty Little Liars on Netflix: Entertaining mystery series about a girl clique

With the Netflix app's Friends TV series Pretty Little Liars also enjoy traveling in decent quality. Pretty Little Liars tells the story of four friends Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields. They live in Rosewood, a fictitious suburb of Philadelphia. Her life changes after the traceless disappearance of her friend Alison DiLaurentis from one day to the next. The four friends will receive mysterious messages and threats that come from a stranger who is "A" lists. The girl quartet from now trying to uncover the identity of the anonymous writer and the disappearance of Alison, the former leader of the clique elucidate.

Pretty Little Liars NetflixPretty Little Liars on Netflix: Since March 2016 is available here, the fifth PLL Season. (Picture: Freeform / Editorial)

No decision on the series end after the seventh Pretty Little Liars Season

Pretty Little Liars was commissioned by ABC commissioned and aired the first episodes in the US on ABC Family from March 2011th The fifth season of Pretty Little Liars was in the US in June 2014 and the sixth PLL Season from June 2015. The then provided 7. Pretty Little Liars Season to bring the series completely to an end and resolve all the puzzles of Mystery series. Apparently, however, no final decision on the series end after the seventh season PLL has fallen. This was at least the author Marlene King announced the end of 2015 on Twitter.

Pretty Little Liars Netflix streaming now for Season 5

In Germany, the Series junkies can look forward to more episodes and seasons on TV and when Pretty Little Liars stream. Here the German-language premiere of the first season began in May 2012 when PayTV channel Glitz, who also owned the rights to the following season. On free TV Super RTL secured the acquisition of the rights and could make 2014 the first three seasons for free on TV.

Anyone who owns a Netflix subscription, does not have to be sad if he has missed this broadcast dates. For quite some time the first four seasons are available in Pretty Little Liars stream. Since March 2016 finally, the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix in the stream available. Who wants to see the US originals, can fetch as Pretty Little Liars stream through Amazon Instant Video, the scales 1 to 6. So Amazon Prime customers have to pay extra for the PLL seasons. About About iTunes Pretty Little Liars is also available in the original stream.