Maya Kalender

Maya Kalender

Of the Maya Kalender Download shows an astronomical calendar in an impressive way the historical calendar system of the Maya. The Mesoamerican indigenous Maya used an elaborate system of multiple complementary calendars that even today, they feature Mayan calendar nor wonder and fascinating insights.

calculate long periods with the Maya Kalender Download

The Maya Kalender is based on a daily count in twenties system. a ritual Tzolkin calendar, a civil Haab calendar and the so-called Long Count were used. With this, the Maya were able to capture very long periods and calculate exactly. The combination of Tzolkin and Haab calendar allows each a recurrence after a 52-year-long calendar round. As "Haab" is referred to the moon phases without binding a solar calendar with a five-day intercalation. Even the Tzolkin calendar is not bound to the solar or lunar rhythm. To date, it is doubtful to what astronomical targets, the complex system of the Mayan calendar accurately oriented.

Tzolkin calendar with 13 tones and 20 sun signs

The Maya Kalender download provides a Web app the ability to convert a date for European Gregorian calendar in the Mayan calendar. There is then calculated a so-called Tzolkin date. can Tzolkin with "counting days" to be translated. The Tzolkin calendar consists of 13 tones and 20 solar characters that are crossed with each passing day. This gives a total of 260 combinations. Thus, 260 days elapse until the next day likewise named. Interestingly, the beginning of the day in the Tzolkin calendar refers to the sunrise – as opposed to the Gregorian calendar system with the beginning at 00:00.

Maya Kalender DownloadMaya Kalender Download: Fast conversion for any day

Convert Gregorian date in the Mayan calendar

Those who want to convert a Gregorian date in the Mayan calendar, simply select the desired date and click on Calculate. Once the associated sound and sun characters in Maya can be seen calendar. The selected year must be between -4714 (BC) and the year 9999th The Tzolkin date for 05 January 2016, for example, gives tone 9 Patience and the sun sign Dog (T’ZI).

Monthly calendar with Tzolkin dates as a PDF file

Very interesting and instructive is the month calendar Tzolkin dates. The user can open a usual Gregorian calendar month stating the Tzolkin date for each day in PDF format. You simply select here the desired month and year and has the choice of two display modes, a full version and a compact version. The former contains the Tzolkin date among other things, the public holidays in Germany, the Maya Holidays, the moon phase and a brief interpretation.

Maya Kalender Download Monthly CalendarMonthly calendar can be created as a PDF file and print.