Behind lies a portal that link sharing operates at the highest level. The user finds there actually everything you could wish for: streams for series such as Games of Thrones, movies, TV shows or sports to music videos, anime, cartoons and live streams. The provider does not host himself – but link to “only” on the Hoster! can be found at today

However, as the Alluc project started in 2006, initially under a different name, but even with the intention to gather popular video host sites there. The page is owned by three Germans, gained more and more popularity and is now in German, in Spanish and English only. Who today visits the portal, no matter what domain extension is automatically routed to This is spoken of as “All-You-See”, an apt name for the streaming engine.

Alluc.toSearch for video streams on

Legislation on Alluc

The owners of the link sharing portal host himself no streams or video files. They merely refer to external sites. However, the legal situation is critical. Not only are sites that offer even streams and downloads, illegal – and the dissemination of film material without permission of the copyright holder is illegal. Another indication that the portal has not a flawless white vest is that there is no imprint. The user goes to any event in a gray area. At this point we would like to point out that we do not recommend this route.

All series, films live shows stream

No matter what the user is looking -on he will find it. They range from the current series and brand new seasons that are, for example, this country is still not available to blockbuster movies and live broadcasts of major sports events or TV shows.
Here, the site works like a search engine. The user A is in the search box, which he wants to view. The portal then spits out links to websites that offer just that. also has the latest movies

Browse categories

In addition to the specific search, the user can also browse through the different categories. There is, for one this big division:

  • streams
  • Downloads
  • subtitles
  • Live streams

However, we would advise against the Downloads; because the user thus makes punishable in any case.
In addition, the page in the menu bar proposes further topics fits before to search. The user can also filter by Hoster name, language and popular or current stream.