Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger

After Microsoft had acquired Skype in 2011 in which Windows Live Messenger has been download from November 2012 completely replaced by the Skype download.

Windows Live Messenger Download networked friends with each other

With the download of Windows Live Messenger, users get the world of Multimedia communications on the computer. The universal chat Central allows users to communicate with friends and acquaintances through chats. No matter what part of the world, the contact partners happen to be – only requirement is a reliable Internet connection. Here, everyone can decide whether it simple with the Text chat wants to chat or prefer one with clay or a webcam video Chat wants to start. Incidentally, several people can talk in real time via group chat and video conferencing without problems simultaneously.

Windows Live Messenger Download

Compared to its predecessor the chat client with new social components shines. Thus, all contacts from social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as connected by short message service Twitter. It is also extremely gratifying that users are able to personalize the Instant Messenger according to your wishes. And times not a friend online to chat, you can let off steam in the online games on the virtual playground.

Private and Professional chats for Inexperienced

A huge advantage of the instant messenger is its attractive and intuitive user interface that enables even inexperienced users can easily cope. Who after Windows Live Messenger Download an account created, looks first to a Messenger window that is strongly reminiscent of the predecessor. Although a few smileys were somewhat refreshed and made small embellishments here and there, but overall the look is similar to the version of 2009. A pull-down menu to change in typical messenger-style its status. The various status signal whether you are just present or is not on the computer. The settings can be individually adapted to different contacts. So you can be available for your best friend with an online status – for the study group but released simultaneously as offline. All contacts can be sorted in the client to unlimited groups. If you want to talk not just with one person, but with a group, this can also be achieved with a few clicks. For example, so parents whose children are scattered around the world, maintain contact on the client. but group chats and video conferences are useful not only in the private sector. They are, inter alia, to ideal for e-learning or working discussions between distant callers.

Anytime calls from anywhere for free over the Internet

The old text chat only has definitely had its day with the Windows Live Messenger Download. From now you can also see his counterpart and hear – welcome to the age of free Internet telephony. Whether between Moscow and Berlin or Los Angeles and Tokyo – all the user needs is a webcam, a headset and knowledge of the time difference between time zones. In addition, users can show their friends pictures of the last party live on PC. Hotmail users will benefit from the direct integration of the e-mail service in the Messenger. Note: Those who can not get used to the chat client Skype is more free Messenger and VoIP software can be downloaded here.