ALDI TALK abroad: Everything & Flats to additional roaming

ALDI TALK abroad: Everything & Flats to additional roaming

The holiday is booked – who wants no surprises, should the costs associated with ALDI TALK abroad know. We show all the conditions & International tariffs at a glance. make smart now!

Who uses the discounter ALDI one of the mobile phone deals, enjoys flexible prepaid plans without a contract. In addition, the own account can be easily managed and customized. For upcoming holidays, the provider its customers international rates available that can be comfortably above to download the ALDI TALK app or added online. What they contain, we show here.

ALDI TALK abroadALDI TALK abroad – with or without the addition rate? (Picture: ALDI TALK / Editorial)

ALDI TALK use abroad – WITHOUT international rate

Any user should be aware that as soon as he leaves the international border, write other conditions for making phone calls, SMS, and surfing What Appen apply the net. So you can not get a shock after his well-deserved vacation, you had better make smart previously about the cost. Note, namely that the conditions of mobile operators to mobile operators vary greatly. Users also have two choices: Either they take the charge when buying and stick to their plan or they book for the holidays a special international rate added. Which version you drive better depends on your own user behavior.

Without additional tariff customers from ALDI TALK must anticipate these costs if they want to make calls from abroad:

ALDI TALK overseas callsConditions for calls. (Screenshot: AldiTalk)

When calls come in, you want to send MMS or SMS with ALDI TALK abroad, these costs are expected to:

ALDI TALK abroad SMSThe pay of users for MMS, SMS and incoming calls. (Screenshot: AldiTalk)

International Rates from ALDI TALK

Who knows from the outset that he will make a lot on vacation or permanently want to surf the web – without always looking for a Wi-Fi – for the international rates are certainly interesting. ALDI TALK offers its customers two different tariff models:

  • EU language package 150
  • EU Internet Package 150

Language Pack for abroad

This option is useful in any case for frequent callers. The tariff can be added to the base fare and book can also be combined with other options. In addition, the tariff for a fixed period is active, which does not automatically renew.

For 4.99 euros you can the tariff on the app or online also book via the hotline. The package can be used throughout the EU and in Switzerland. These are the conditions:

  • Duration: 7 days
  • 150 minutes included

Internet package for abroad

Users, chat or abroad especially surfing via WhatsApp to use streaming services to listen to music or watch movies should need to do is book an internet flat for ALDI TALK abroad.

ALDI TALK abroad TariffInternet rate at ALDI TALK for foreign countries. (Screenshot: AldiTalk)

There are the same conditions as in the language pack. After seven days, or fully fully exploited volume of the tariff ends and can always be subsequently posted.