All Shpock costs for registration, Buying & Selling 2023

All Shpock costs for registration, Buying & Selling

On the digital flea market you can buy all sorts of things or verkaufen.Ob to the user shpock costs come and how to set even prices when selling – you can read here!

In September 2012, the digital flea market opened its doors. The service can be used on the website and through the Shpock app download. Similar to other classifieds portals, users can buy there or sell used or new items of all kinds. Even self-produced items can be brought about at the man. It is especially convenient that Shpock the user displays offers from the area.

shpock costsAll about the cost Shpock

Shpock costs: Download and Registration

Whether you want to use Shpock via the website or the app – using the flea market is free. Both the download of the app, the Browse for products and the inserting of articles is free. The full scope of the service is so free of charge to the user.

However, the user must register beforehand at the service. There are two possibilities: either via Facebook or e-mail and password. How nachlesbar in the FAQ, to be kept by the registration spammers and scammers.

Optional extras cost money Shpock

As already known from other apps, the developer of Shpock provide their users in-app products. The offers can be optional to book for real money. Among other things, there is the opportunity to present his display as VIP offer at the flea market. This means that the display for 60 hours highlighted so that it is seen by many more users. The Shpock costs for the VIP option amounted to 2.99 euros. With another extra, the number of uploaded photos can be extended, for example.

  Con Shpock vender y comprar: Es así de fácil!

costs & Prices for the purchase & sale

Who even wants to offer the product for sale, you should schedule a realistic price for the product, so there are also interested. Incidentally, potential buyers and sellers can negotiate the price.

negotiate Shpock costsBuyers and sellers can negotiate

For payment, there are no set guidelines, but Shpock recommends the following procedures:

  • If buyers and sellers opt for a personal delivery, you can process the payment in cash. Goods for money – because nothing can go wrong.
  • Those who opt for shipping, should first check with the contractor, who pays the shipping costs.
  • At delivery, your payment can be made either via PayPal or cash on delivery. The latter means that the buyer transfers the Shpock cost of the product purchased in cash at the messenger.

Users should in any case, as much as possible, protect, because you never know if you do not just a scammer goes on the glue.