Based on the concept of dubsmash users can in the free app synchronize their favorite songs. create 15-second videos that can be spread not only over WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. – but on their own network. Teens, like baby Ariel thus became stars. app: The new hype from the USA

already a real hype developed – in the United States has – like that time in Snapchat. According to surveys, the video app already counts with teens to the hottest applications, do not know the adults. Unlike dubsmash, etc. can resynchronize great quotes from films in which users, is here clearly music theme. Users can in Android and iOS application using songs of their choice and create lip sync videos from it. As yet memories of the good old mini-playback show wake up, right? appThe app – the new hype in the US

Use of Video App

the creators have as already indicated also built a unique community behind the app and incorporated relevant social features. Anyone who wants to create and share videos, so must register on the platform. The user then automatically receives a public profile. But do not worry: you can make it through the settings and to a private profile. Messenger features to make direct contact with the other users, should also come. Android creates Stars

If the profile is created, the user can create videos with a length of up to 15 seconds. For the Lip Sync videos he can pick either of several million a track from the app database or he just plays one on his smartphone.

the user can now win with his creative sync videos followers, comments and heart – and of course also distribute to other users. The app users call themselves by the way muser. Who wants another muser can also ask for a duet. app functionslabel videos with filters and share on social networking sites

Filter functions for creative videos

Who still wants to spice up a bit his videos, they can be provided with different effects. The app has various filters and effects like time-lapse, slow motion, etc. in store. The coolest and most popular videos will be shown on the leader board of the app. So you can see who has garnered the most hearts the day before.

In addition to publishing on the community, users can spread their video works, of course, on the social networks – Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are directly connected.