Open Lara

Open Lara

Lara Croft – since 1994 as a fighting archaeologist go and heroine of many gamers. Changes it has that good. Who will go with the original Lara through the catacombs again, which is now free thanks Open Lara Download make the browser.

Open Lara DownloadFinally back as original Tomb Raider on the go: The Open Lara makes Download it possible. (Image: Screenshot XProger / Editorial)

Open Lara Download: First Tomb Raider freely available

In 1996, she struck the bomb: Lara Croft had her first major appearance in Tomb Raider, thrilled the first in a series of games, the whole generations. In Action Adventure You control the sexy archaeologist Lara Croft, which is in search of the artifact Scion. For this you must find the three pieces of the valuable land, scattered around the world.

You start in the catacombs of the Peruvian city of Vilcabamba. There you running through the ground and sit down with your guns and various other munitions against wild animals, dinosaurs (!) And now and then you hostile people to defend. However puzzles are just as important – again you have to activate your gray matter to find the right way.

And all that you can now relive the Open Lara download.

Open Lara Download texturessee the textures a bit better than it was then. The game runs wonderfully liquid in the browser. (Image: Screenshot XProger)

traveling with Lara

Everything you have to do is to follow the here deposited with us link and already you can again take on the admittedly very pixelated and wrinkled skin of the first Lara. A classic download the game so do not – more like a web app.

The game begins with the second level – and this is directly playable. It can change person even between first-person and third. For this you press the V key. In first-person mode, the screen also wobbles back with Lara’s breaths. Sound’s for that matter.

is controlled with the keyboard as usual: WASD or arrow keys for running, the space bar to jump (respectively diving), Ctrl draws your weapon from his pocket, with the keys 1 to 4 you will change this. Shift lets you walk normally, Z and X you move sideways. And with the right mouse button you can control the camera. Optionally, but can also connect a gamepad.

Open Lara Download ControlControl remains as before. So you can watch move through catacombs and other environments. may again be floated and dipped. (Image: Screenshot XProger)

Play for free via browser

The browse function gives you the opportunity to own game files with additional levels upload. The needs your to play this whole game.
The game works fine on the PC in the browser in full screen mode – but looks in window mode then just a little better. Who does not want to be killed by pixels, uses it. The 30 FPS lock the way, is repealed.

But even on the smartphone or tablet you can watch dial into the Tomb Raider world.

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