K10stat 2023


K10stat fits the values ​​of Cool ‘n’ Quiet as well as the P-States for AMD processors to their own needs and desires. With the freeware users optimize Power needs of CPUs with K10 processors like Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon II and some Opterons quite deliberately and uncomplicated.

The K10stat download helps to save electricity

K10stat does not need any installation on Windows. Similar to tools like RightMark CPU Utility (RMClock) takes the free helper back to the power saving features on modern AMD processors. With "Cool ‘n’ Quiet" AMD called the processor’s ability to shut at low load to a lower base clock with less voltage to switch. the free K10stat download gives access to the so-called P-states and their CPU multiplier or voltages. Here, users can specify each load its own CPU multiplier and its own power. Cool ‘n’ Quiet remains active and the voltage at the processor is lowered or increased as required.

K10stat download

K10stat stores information on the state of the CPU

K10Stat manipulates the MSR register (Model Specific Register) AMD K10 CPUs and also stores information about the processor state, such as temperatures but various control information. The AMD K10 processors also various settings are held to the so-called P-states. Under this symbol, the performance status, ie the power state hides. The processors work depending on the workload in different performance states to as much as possible to save on energy. They are clocked differently when shifting and supplied with a different voltage. What AMD "Cool’n’Quiet" means that Intel calls the way "SpeedStep",

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The processor can be over and underclock

The manipulation of the MSR allows to adjust the clock speed and voltage with K10stat with which the CPU is Blazed in the different P-states. Those who want to save some more energy can underclock the processor and the voltages lower, so less power is needed. Conversely, risk-tolerant natures can also overclock and increase the tensions, the CPU though. For this purpose, any BIOS settings or hardware modifications are necessary due K10stat. More free tuning and optimization tools for system can be found in our download area.

K10stat Download underclocking

Danger: K10Stat the CPU operates partly outside the official specifications. By changing the CPU clock or voltage values ​​can cause system errors and data loss. Therefore, the use of K10Stat is expressly at your own risk. Interesting tuning options for CPUs from AMD The free download K10stat opens owners of CPUs from AMD diverse tuning options off while the Cool ‘n’ Quiet. Especially in terms of CPU Undervolting the freeware that helps Power hunger of Phenom II & to curb Co. and save energy.