CD Label Designer

CD Label Designer

With the CD Label Designer Download are created depositors and labels for home-burned discs. Whether private video for grandparents or promo CDs of his own band – with the software is the exterior of the disk to its best advantage.

CD Label Designer download missed CDs and DVDs the right look

Movies and music are stored more often on USB storage devices. Still, there are moments in which CDs and DVDs are the better alternative. USB flash drives are often overwritten and digital files will ever be happy in the mass of stored data. Music albums, family files and product catalogs left a deeper impression if you have something solid in your hand. The well-made shell provides a preview to the content. It can arouse curiosity and memories or a statement. Exactly on this area has the wide range of CD & DVD Cover Software specializes. These programs offer numerous templates for designing the covers, booklets and labels. The CD Label Designer allows a personalized design of all these components.

Design options in the CD Label Designer

The shareware offers an almost infinite number of different combinations. Background textures, fonts, icons and photos can be assembled as desired. The program has templates of the proper size for all design elements in their luggage. Booklets and labels must be filled only with their own content.

CD Label Designer Download

But not every image has to come from the hard drive of the computer. A wide selection of colored patterns for background design is included Label Designer Download already in the CD. If the desired image to be neither to find the program on the computer, the integrated Internet search can help. Similarly, no limits in the design of text elements. many font choices for the label of the CD case or CD label. Special characters and letters of foreign language alphabets takes the program to problems. The letters color and the course of writing are freely selectable. Automated assembly and grids offer this practical assistance and facilitate optical composition.

CD & DVD Cover provided with special effects and titles

The result when CD Label Designer is more than a collage of images and text. Each graphical element used can be provided with additional effects. To select different shade and a transparency function are available. Song lists are automatically created at the request of playlists and provided tags with MP3 / WMA.

CD Label Designer download Effects

Limitations of CD Label Designer

15 days trial that adds to printing a watermark.