Mouse and Key Recorder

Mouse and Key Recorder records any input from the keyboard and mouse and play them again. In this way, automate user actions are often used. In addition, the automation specialist contains more than 150 additional commands. These commands allow for example, &# 45; to control the operation of the macros (repetitions conditions, Goto, variables / memory) &# 45; manipulating files (delete, rename, etc.) &# 45; Starting or switching to programs &# 45; Influence of the position indicator &# 45; Read and write files, &# 45; Keystrokes capture etc. mouse and keyboard input, together with commands are stored in a clear readable and compact form within the macros. This facilitates subsequent editing. After completion, you play the recorded inputs from easy. This is either directly with a click, time-controlled or from other programs via command line.

Limitations of Mouse and Key Recorder

90 days trial.