Of the download was for several years a very popular German-language streaming site for movies and TV series. The majority of visitors came here from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since copyrighted footage was offered and distributed, the streaming service had to go offline in June 2011, together with the network of sharehosters. downloadThe download was shut down in June 2011. (Photo: Download: Offline due to copyright infringement

The business model of based on advertising, premium services or subscription traps. After was taken from the network, there was an arrest of the operator since the linked Streamhoster were directly or indirectly operated mainly by Against those responsible of of forming a criminal organization was determined to commercial commit copyright infringement even suspicion. However, the cinema with friends found soon a successor to the streaming page. Unfortunately, it also These are no legal streaming, since here too copyrighted films are retrieved.

Legal for visitors long in a gray area

The legal situation in download was not clear for the visitors. The streamed films were usually not stored on your own PC and thus not widespread. However, it was possible detours also download full movie files in AVI or FLV format. The legal situation has been discussed for a long time even under legal controversy. On the one hand would be carried out when streaming movies on the computer caches and thus creates a copy of an illegal template. On the other hand, it is only a fleeting copy in the temporary memory that was not an illegal copy in accordance with § 44a of the Copyright Act.


ECJ ruling with bad news for streaming friends

The hitherto largely unpunished legal gray area for users of streaming services concretized now the European Court of Justice (ECJ). With its ruling in April 2017, the movie fans have to check the duty before streaming, whether it is a copyrighted content they want to view. presents itself as the official successor to

After the shutdown of the majority of film fans soon moved to alternative streaming offerings. Under the address the firm declares went "official successor" of online with a similar presentation. Meanwhile, there are numerous free streaming provider, Burning Series, to, and that are placed in the illegal sector. According to the company they operate merely as a film search engine and emphasize their legality, since they themselves do not host movies, but only to outside suppliers left.