Parental Control TimeRestrict Free Edition

Parental Control TimeRestrict Free Edition

is not always a Download Parental Control TimeRestrict Free Edition also used, but in some households make some control and certain restrictions on the PC and the Internet a lot of sense.

The download of child safety TimeRestrict Free Edition for computer control

This handy parental control parents and guardians can set how long her offspring sitting at computer and even the use of certain programs, stop as possible, installed games. Here, the tool offers other interesting features which offer not all parental controls for free download. In order to adults control the computer and his use nearly complete.

The parental control TimeRestrict Free Edition to calmer minds

In addition to the settings for timeouts and the content monitoring on the computer, the tool logs user times, so that users always have an overview of who, when, how long surfed the web. Furthermore, the child safety can hide the drive, so the kids do not have access to it. Also, the program blocks access to the Control Panel. With all the computer but does not run simply coming down when the user time is ending: The free software warns previously in several intervals of the impending shutdown of the computer, so there is enough time to save important data, files or documents. The device for blocking or user times daily, weekly or monthly adjustable.

Parental Control TimeRestrict Free Edition Download

The tool is password protected in the end, which means that the closures and permits may be changed at any time by entering the pin or circumvented. Thus, parents and guardians can leave their children with a clear conscience with the running computer alone and also enjoy complete access itself.

Safely protected and chic in the window, this child safety presented

The design of this child safety is a bit spartan and almost simple, but it is very very clear and well structured. The individual functions can easily be seen from the individual buttons and thus the whole operation of the child lock a child’s play and even inexperienced computer beginners will control the tool soon complete.

Parental Control TimeRestrict Free Edition Download Settings

The security tool for concerned parents A child safety TimeRestrict Free Edition Download worthwhile especially if there are many very important documents on the server are to be protected from unwanted access by the little ones or if they tend endlessly to surf the Internet when there is no one who watches. Reliably holds the tool, the blocking times and just drive up after the user time after several previous warnings down. True to the motto: Trust is good, control is better. Whether this is indeed true, is undecided.