Free Serial Port Monitor

Free Serial Port Monitor

Of the Free Serial Port Monitor Download assist in monitoring the com port activities. The freeware analyzes the data packets, observing the traffic that passes through serial interfaces and provides this represents.

Free Serial Port Monitor Download: Monitors read and write access

The interface Monitor Free Serial Port Monitor monitors and records all reliably read and write access to COM ports. This small freeware utility captures the input and output control codes and provides a full dump their parameters.

Free Serial Port Monitor Download

Exchange of data via serial ports

a data exchange between computer and peripheral devices can take place via the serial interface. Serial data transmission is characterized in that the bits in sequence, "serial"Are transmitted over the line. What they mean is usually the EIA RS-232 interface with the typical 9-pin D-sub connector.

Meanwhile superseded by standard USB

In the transmission of high data rates over a short distance, the parallel port has prevailed before both serial and parallel interfaces have been largely replaced by the standard USB. Also, Ethernet, USB, Firewire are modern serial interfaces, but are usually not referred to as such.

Open a new session in Free Serial Port Monitor

The user can determine who is allowed to start on each machine Free Serial Port Monitor and use. To do this, select the menu option opens Extras / parameters and the Security tab. Using shortcuts F2 or Ctrl + N, the user generates a new application session. Of course this can also be done via the menu option File / New Session. If desired, you can search for a specific word or string. For this, the menu item is Edit / Find.

Show controls requests in detail

If the device is not on the side "Configuring the Serial Port Monitor" is listed, the user can enter the name manually. Free Serial Port Monitor shows each control request to the details. By default, this feature is disabled. The user can turn it on by opening the menu option Tools / Parameters and enter the serial IOCTLs tab. Additional developer tools can be found in our software catalog for free download.

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