Cake Mania 3

Cake Mania 3

in the Cake Mania 3 Download Players accompany the pie champion Jill on her sugar-sweet journey through time. The main character is about to be wedding, distributed as a magical mishap the bride and her guests to different centuries. What follows is truly magical!

Cake Mania 3 Download sends pastry chef through time and space

The series about the pastry chef Jill extends the Large selection of games of skill at a game concept, which combines time management with baking arts. The player must use his wit and skill to bring all the guests before the wedding ceremony into the present. The first part of the game came in 2006 on the market and was responsible for a number of devices, including Nintendo DS, available. In Download Cake Mania 3, the installation file for the operating systems Windows 98, Server 2003, Server 2008, XP, Vista and Windows 7 is included.

look & Feel of Cake Mania 3

The game has very simple animations that blend with the beautiful drawings of the characters, backgrounds and storyboards organically into the game. The entire navigation is via the mouse, almost all actions are performed via drag and drop. This game is great for touch screen devices. The game principle is repeated in all levels a little bit, because again and again the right pies must be completed on time with special ingredients. However, power-ups and numerous mini-games provide additional variety.

Cake Mania 3 Download

Busting before changing historical backdrop

The highlight of this game are the colorful drawings of various localities. The makers of the skill-testing puzzles have deliberately chosen periods and areas with great recognition value. The journey begins in an anachronistic prehistoric times, the dinosaurs, apes and cavemen are among Jill’s first customers. Then it goes out into the China of the Ming Dynasty, and from there into the Egypt of the Pharaohs. England in the Middle Ages, and France in the time of the revolution are the other scenes of adventure. The implementation of the future levels reminiscent of the futuristic visions of the 60s and merges nostalgia and future thinking a perfect sweet mixture. The players meet at all levels-known personalities from the history books. In this alternative and funny versions of historical events are offered.

Entertaining game with great attention to detail The Cake Mania 3 Download requires players more skill than let the cute cartoon characters suspect at first glance. Did you get the hang Once out, the game looks slightly monotonous, which is offset by the artistic design and humorous storyboards.