So the quiz duel works Rating

So the quiz duel works Rating

It may seem a bit confusing at first glance, but is a fair balance: the Quiz duel Rating. What’s behind it? Now make smart! Quiz events are popular, not only on television. The smartphone app Quiz Duel is for some time already pastime for millions of German. Those who do not have the app on the phone, can be downloaded here Quiz duel for free. Since there always two players compete against each other, including newcomers and beginners meet long-time residents, the creators have taken on a level playing field. This includes the quiz duel rating, which is intended to ensure balanced quiz duels and is explained below. Quiz duel Rating

Fair game play thanks to quiz duel Rating

In a duel the opposing players have to go through six rounds together and answer three questions randomly selected in each round. That an experienced user would probably always win, is obvious. For this reason, there is the quiz duel rating, which should ensure greater fairness and better career opportunities for newcomers.

Gain points depending on player experience

The player with the most correct answers wins the game and gets credited to between one and 25 points. The loser in turn be either zero or between one and nine points deducted. The number of points won or lost depends on the position of the respective Games partner in the quiz duel rankings. If the match is stopped early, a full 24 points will be deducted. However, the games opponent does not get full marks, but only the score that would have ended in a conventional victory to his credit. Here, both the number of questions answered and the success to date is important. This means: Who competes with a high rating against a player with a lower rating, given at the end less overall score than when two players compete with the same rating to today.

 Quiz app duel since 2013 on the market

The popular smartphone app Quiz duel there since the summer of 2013 in Germany for different mobile operating systems. The app is available for Android platforms, so Android smartphones and Android tablets, but also for Apple iOS and Windows Phone 8, which increases the number of potential game opponents clearly. Quiz duel rating Player Profiles But with the large number of users is accompanied by the need of the quiz duel ratings. Finally, each player should get a fair chance. Without the rating, the guessing game app would probably make only half as much fun as experienced users always win and would thus take the newcomers motivation.

With Quiz duel challenge a player

In the quiz duel app always two players compete against each other, whereby a player must challenge another player. The challenger can select an opponent from either participating (Facebook) -friends or search for a name. A third possibility that a counterparty may also be allocated at random.

there are more and every day – 27,000 questions in 19 categories of questions

The questions that must be answered in the quiz duel are times, sometimes selected on the basis of categories of questions before each round of the one from the other players. Overall, the game currently about 27,000 questions from 19 categories of questions, said the number of questions through the participation of users is growing steadily. Among the categories of questions can be found, for example, food & Drinking, miracle of technology or in the laboratory, Sports & Leisure and TV series.