To open a ZIP file and extract compressed folders

To open a ZIP file and extract compressed folders

To open a ZIP file and access compressed archive data. We reveal step by step, how to handle this format & what to look for it. Here’s all the facts for future reference!

Compressed files take up much less storage space and faster – transfer – for example, via e-mail or messenger. Here .zip files have the particular advantage that this compression is lossless. In addition, users ZIPs can be used as a container in which directories or files that belong together are grouped together. One of the most popular tools for creating such archive files comes with the 7-Zip download to the computer. The software can not only create ZIPs, but almost unpack all other archive formats.

To open a ZIP file: How to

A zipped folder can be recognized that the icon is provided with a zipper. The name of the format is derived also from the English term zipper – just zip – off. Actually, it is incredibly easy to open a compressed file in this format. Optionally, users can extract all the folders or only one or extract a set of files:

To open a ZIP fileTo open a ZIP file: two versions.

1. extract individual files

If you want to extract only one or two files, you must first open the ZIP file by double-clicking. Here all archived data is displayed. Following the file can be moved to the desired storage easy. Alternatively, it is possible as a copy (that is, the archived file remains in the ZIP folder and it will be a duplicate of the new location created) or the file is moved and is no longer available on the terminal in the archive file.

2. Extract the complete folder

If the entire folder is extracted, you first open the submenu with a click of the right mouse button. Here you can choose Extract All the command. In the dialog box that opens the place can now be specified on which the files are to be stored. To open the files, then only this path must be called. Unzipped to the entire folder, the compressed version is always maintained, because Windows duplicates the archived files when unpacking.

To open a ZIP file and select locationspecify the destination folder and name it.

Under the old Windows versions open ZIP file

For current versions of the Microsoft operating system, no additional tool is required to open a ZIP file. while older Windows versions can not handle archived files. An appropriate software is required. The initially mentioned tool 7-Zip here offers a free way to unpack archived files on old operating systems. An alternative is likewise free PeaZip download. The tool mastered over 150 file formats, and the user interface can be customized to personal taste simple.