PDF files compress by reducing the resolution

PDF files compress by reducing the resolution

compress Oversized PDF files is easy. The PDFCreator offers different settings. try out now & Reduce PDF. to send PDF files via e-mail, copy it to another device or upload to the Internet or download one of our daily tasks. Often, however, one then encounters file sizes that go beyond any space or the upload / download all the patience of users would bring to a breaking point. A reduction of the PDFs must be found. For these and other PDF tasks of free download from PDFCreator is perfect. The following guide shows how easy it is large PDF files can be compressed.

compress PDF files none heavy task

With countless activities PDF files easily come much too large into play and often. To avoid overstretch the memory of the receiver or the USB stick when sending large files, it makes sense to reduce these PDFs before. Even files that are intended for example, to upload and download on a portal should lose a little weight, in advance. noted here is that the quality of the file is not too suffers. compress PDF files Who wants to compress PDF files has several options, depending on whether the original file or not. In both cases, however, it is possible.

Condition for the compression

The explanations put forward only the presence of the PDFCreator. The download of the tool is free and available on our portal. After downloading the PDFCreator should also be installed and set up as a virtual printer.

Reduction of PDFs with original file

If the original file before that reduction before or during the creation of the PDF file is made, because here is the size of the file can be specified. Is it, for example, pictures, they can – if they are not stored as an image file – are first re-scanned and saved as JPG or PNG. Now the user has the option to shrink the images using a graphics program before they are joined together as a PDF. If the original files, etc. For example, Word documents these can be reduced directly when converting to PDF. For this, open the document and select the Print function. At this point would appear the PDFCreator as described above. Enter a lower DPI now in the printer properties. The smaller the resolution, the smaller the file size.

Compress PDF file on non

However, the whole thing can also be achieved without the original, but -is just as easy. To compress their PDF files. Must first be opened. Since the PDFCreator is not capable, a common reader like Adobe Reader or Nitro PDF Reader should be selected. If the file is opened, the menu and enable printing can be clicked. It opens a list of printers – Select the previously installed PDFCreator here. PDF files compress settings A window of Creators appear where the Settings button is selected. On the left side of the Preferences window all available formats are displayed. There, click on the PDF format. PDF files compress format Right different tabs are now visible. Now click Compact. There, several settings can now be tried out. With a little experimentation, the perfect balance between resolution, file size and quality can be found here. Finally, confirm your selection with Save and create the smaller PDF. PDF files compress resolution Files can be so reduce by up to 70 percent. Provided, however, the PDF has compressible data.