With a smartphone all sorts of things can do, unhelpful and useful. Among the latter is without doubt the Tiny Flashlight app Nikolay Ananiev. The Android extension particularly impressed with particularly bright light, as it accesses the camera flash and this is a very harsh light of themselves are in the dark.

Tiny Flashlight app accesses LED flash to

How often does it happen that one is literally in the dark? If it is in the evening or at night already dark and the car is parked far away from the nearest road lighting. Or on holiday when the light switch in the hotel are not yet familiar. There are dozens of situations where a small flashlight would make life easier for the display of mobile phone or smart phone often enough more bad than good from.

Tiny Flashlight app

The solution is as simple as obvious because plugged into a modern smartphone, in principle, everything in it that is needed. And: In contrast to the torch, be it ever so small, can be taken anywhere the smartphone.

Tiny Flashlight makes smartphone mini flashlight

Modern smartphones nowadays are often equipped with impressive cameras, including camera LED flash. Exactly this is being accessed, the Tiny Flashlight app. This light app by Nikolay Ananiev is probably one of the brightest flashlight apps for Android smartphones.

Tiny Flashlight app active

App also works without camera flash

In most Android smartphones a camera with flash is integrated, so the app is fully functional. Nevertheless, some devices do not have a camera flash. This has also been considered in the development and so in such cases the LED flashlight function is disabled. Instead, you can use the screen lighting. For everyday applications, the normal white screen light is usually sufficient. Longer offers the flashlight app when you install on an Android smartphone, including camera and LED flash. Here, the app not only provides brighter light, but further adjustment options with various widgets. So not only different light sources are used, but also brightness and color can be varied, for example.