photovoltaic computer

photovoltaic computer

By downloading the photovoltaic computer users can find out whether a photovoltaic system on your house is really worth. The free file is designed for Excel and can based on average calculations predict the entries of such a plant.

The photovoltaic computer download is certainty

Who plays today due to constantly rising electricity costs with the idea of ​​having to build a photovoltaic system on the roof of his own home, should his previously sure if this investment is also worthwhile. Of course, there are many arguments for a solar system: It is doing its part to protect the environment, is independent and never gets back unpleasant surprises in the form of utility bills. Nevertheless, the purchase should be well thought out and above all well-calculated. Here, the free help PV Calculator Download out of the house Ever Energy. This small program is designed for the spreadsheet tool Excel and can be lodged there easy.

PV Calculator Download

After downloading the calculator is ready

First, the file of the PV computer is downloaded from the designated download button. The photovoltaic computer download is done free of charge and in a few seconds. Since the calculation tool as many other useful financial calculator has also been designed specifically for Excel, an installation file is not required. The user simply open the spreadsheet program and can also start in the PV calculator. Because now you can start already with the calculation of PV Calculator is also ideal for non-technical users.

Photovoltaic computer indicates profitability

As already indicated, there is a file only from an Excel spreadsheet, based on which the profitability calculation for your own photovoltaic system can now be performed. If the program is started, the user now has its data to serve as the basis of the bill, Enter. The program keeps this different fields ready to that for reference of the site. In addition, the program information to the roof angle and the roof orientation into account. In addition, the planned kWp module power must be indicated.

Photovoltaic computer calculation download

Calculation of the annual electricity yield of a photovoltaic system

the input fields are filled in, the computer can perform the year-efficiency calculation based on the data. This includes values ​​for three different areas. Thus, the tool is able to calculate the expected electricity production based on the roof pitch, the location and gross capacity of the PV system. The calculator also makes information on global radiation and CO2 savings in addition to the power generation. the results are rounded to the forecast of the compensation payment, which according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is intended as amended on July 01, 2013.