Windows 10 Apps does not start? Here’s help!

The Windows 10 apps not start? We show how to recognize the problem and quickly dissolves. learn how the applications brings with it problems and running again!

After Windows 10 Download sometimes occur problems with the apps. However, these are rarely severe and can usually just a few clicks from the world create.

Windows 10 Apps does not start?Annoying: Under time pressure and Windows 10 apps not start? "(Image: Microsoft Corporation / Editorial)

Windows 10 Apps does not start? Solutions include:

If there are problems with the apps, these steps can help.

  1. First, it should be examined whether the PC is up to date and all updates are installed.
  2. Are the apps up to date? If not, an update should be performed and, if necessary, the function of automatic app updates are enabled in the Windows Store.
  3. Maybe the license for an app does not sync with the software installed on the PC. To fix the problem, app updates must synchronize the licensing option in the settings in the Windows Store and the menu item selected and the app will be reinstalled.
  4. Prevents antivirus program or Windows Firewall execution of the app? Then here the settings need to be adjusted or program / firewall must be temporarily disabled.

In most cases, it is enough once to uninstall the app and re-play again on the computer afterwards.

Windows 10 apps do not start to troubleshoot with the Microsoft tool

If these options do not be successful, can be thanks to the Microsoft troubleshooter for apps usually the cause of the failure to find and eliminate. The tool is provided free of pages for download from Microsoft. Once installed, the software automatically checks for problems and can fix this either or offers tailor-made solutions.

Windows 10 apps not start: Alternative solutions

If the problem persists, the following steps can be tried:

  1. On the description page in the Windows Store, there is a support, can contact in case of problems to the user for each offered App. About the link located there an e-mail can be sent to the manufacturer of the app with the description of the problem.
  2. Often you can find help in the Windows forum - perhaps other users of the app had a similar problem and have found a solution for it. Otherwise, the question can be put to other Windows users in the forum, usually can be found here uncomplicated help from the members.
  3. If the computers belong to a network, the app may be suspended or disabled by the system administrator. In this case, it can unlock it. Here, then, simply ask again.