Spotify record and legally download music. read here how to get to the latest songs and legally still remains somewhat on the safe side!

After Spotify download and registration with the Swedish music streaming service, most users of the variety of music selections are nearly killed. Although playlists can create and save with a paid premium membership also a couple of songs to go offline - the ultimate in music management and more comfortable use is but by no means. Filter options within their own choice of music completely missing and at the latest after the 20th or the 50th playlist Album handling of the favorites will be very unwieldy. The management of MP3s is there but much smoother.

Spotify recordrecord Legal Spotify?

Spotify record: legal or not?

The question is no clear answer. First, it can be said that users who record Spotify, do not violate German law. This applies, however, only as long as the recordings are used solely for personal use. The title may not be made available online users, even - in the worst of cases - are passed on to money. In addition, a copy of a source must come, the content is legally available - which were to be considered at Spotify. In the Copyright Act § 53 (reproduction for private and other personal use) states in the first paragraph to:

"Are permitted single copies of a work a template manifestly unlawful produced or made publicly available is used by a natural person for private use [...], provided they serve directly or indirectly, for commercial purposes, unless [...]."

Now the situation is, as already indicated, not quite as simple as it appears because of the legal text. Because to utilize Spotify, users must agree to the Terms and Conditions and in turn prohibit copying of the content provided. Users still make copies, risking blocking their accounts. Leading wide legal consequences are currently not to be expected.

rip an audio recorder Spotify Title

For those who choose to do this, despite the imminent and terrifying consequences recordings, recording the songs of the streaming service, there are numerous audio recorder for free download. Specifically to the recording of Goolge Play Music and Spotify is a tool specializes. The Recordify download is free and following the inclusion of suitable tracks can be easily launched via click. The tool automatically recognizes the streamed songs, cuts it and renames it even independently. In addition to MP3 songs can be stored with a maximum quality of 320 kbps addition in FLAC format. Who wants it more comfortable, with the ten-euro premium version even commercials cut out or set their own preferences for naming the title.

Spotify record via RecordifyImage: Abelssoft