KPS Click & design

KPS Click&design helps virtual setting of your own home. The freeware placed 3D furniture and other elements can be positioned freely in existing recordings of the premises.

KPS Click&Download design for planning their own four walls

In the databases of KPS Click&design can be found next to furniture, fireplaces, stairs, various models, plants and floor coverings. After selecting the object, this can insert freely as desired in the previously loaded digital image. Using sliders to rotate the current object and has different strengths shadow to.

If one is satisfied with his planning, sets KPS Click&design a bill, which can be exported in various file formats, or printed directly. So the freeware facilitates the later shopping in the store or at the hardware store. the freeware is rounded off by an integrated tool that screenshots of 3D planning erzeugt.Diverse more Hausplaner to free download, our versatile software catalog.

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