Weather Kitty

Weather Kitty

Whether rain, storm or snow storm is announced – with the Weather Kitty App one smiles in any weather check. The app comes with over 500 cute parlor tigers in various themes around the corner. There are also weather forecasts for the next 10 days, and hours-based predictions.

Weather Kitty app: Good mood despite bad weather

Whether you love your weather app or hate, is directly related to the weather forecast. to open them early in the morning and the announcement corresponding to the desired image, e.g. bright sunshine at 20 degrees Celsius – then the app the favorite of the day. But alas, you open the application early and everything, you see, is hail, storm and not one hour sun. In this case, one might curse the tool, even if it is only a messenger of bad news. Remedy is to bring the Weather Kitty Android application. Prerequisite is of course that you like cats. Whether continuous rain, hail showers or squalls are for the next three days forecast – a look at the app and you instantly good mood.

Weather Kitty App
The app can be downloaded for free. What is needed is a device with the Android version 4.0.3 or later.

With Android Weather Kitty cats are on the loose

The user should, of course, the cute motifs have not at some point, because he every time he pulls out the phone, sees the same Puss. To prevent this, the app has integrated a variety of cat pictures. Over 500 different Schnurri wait for the cat lover that change depending on the time of day and weather conditions. The cats are also housed in around 12 different themes. The following categories are in the Weather Kitty App on board:

  • outdoorsy
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Yoga Cats
  • Summer Fun
  • fall Colors
  • winter Wonderland

A hook there, however: The subjects are not freely available. Only the first is contained in the free app. The other one can get hold of as required by an in-app purchase.

Weather Kitty App forecasts

Cord engined Weather Forecasts

you Look across the cute cat design, the Weather app also fulfills its proper task quite well. The user can display forecasts for locations around the world. In addition, a detailed hourly display of the weather for the next 24 hours is possible. Anyone who wants to plan the clothes for the next holiday, also can view the 10-day preview. The app also has a radar display. The plots are supplemented with the following information: sunrise and sunset, wind chill, humidity, highs, lows, wind and more.