ArchiCrypt Shredder

ArchiCrypt Shredder

Users who want to sell their PC should adjust for this before. That is, delete all data so that they can not be restored. With the ArchiCrypt Shredder download getting users the appropriate helper with many extra features at hand. The program deletes sensitive data forever, so that the privacy of users is maintained.

Download ArchiCrypt Shredder ensures data security

Who deletes data on the “normal” way on his Windows PC, just references to this content, but the data remains in principle. Thus, a restoration of this data is also no problem. Users who now want to give away or sell its PC or hard drive, should ensure that these same recovery is not feasible. Even if the computer is to be scrapped, it is recommended to delete all data securely so they do not fall into the wrong hands. Who now wonders how: by downloading from the ArchiCrypt Shredder. The tool works with various recognized erasure and will also the Pentagon application. These include the methods DoD, Peter Gutman and VSITR.

ArchiCrypt Shredder download

Secure deletion of files, browser traces & entire hard disks

With the shredder Profi both specific individual data can be deleted or entire hard drives, partitions or drives, inclusive of installed operating systems. For the latter, the software uses the Linux-based Live system DBAN (Darik’s Darik’s Boot and Nuke). In addition, from the helpers all browser tracks that the user has left while surfing. all major browsers like IE are supported; Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. The program also detects data from which the user believed to have been deleted, and removes contaminated final.

ArchiCrypt Shredder download browser data

ArchiCrypt Shredder with special functions for deleting

The shredder brings in addition to functions, have not thought for secure deletion of files that other programs. This includes the task scheduler, which enables certain deletions can be carried out time-controlled. In addition, the ArchiCrypt Shredder are downloading from tabular and graphical disk analysis, showing the points at which sit the biggest space hogs. Also errors in the registry are identified and resolved. Duplicates can be tracked on the Duplicate Finder and deleted or made if necessary in quarantine. There is also data that collects the operating system secretly to elicit user behavior. These data place the shredder pro. Interested users, this data may also display as the software it can not only remove but also decipher. Also hidden data that lie in so-called alternate data streams are detected and deleted. Furthermore, can be overwritten blocked data and clean up file names of deleted data. A unique feature that separates the tool from others is the feature Secure erase zones are in unsafe deletions replaced by safer ones.

ArchiCrypt Shredder Download Plugin

Data shredder for secure deletion With the download ArchiCrypt Shredder user will not only get a reliable tool for the secure deletion of data. The program also impresses with versatile smart features that are missing from competitors. In addition, it should be handled expandable and easy to plug-ins. When you install the demo version of the query of a password is performed. enter must include the word in the password field "TRIAL VERSION" be entered.

Limitations of ArchiCrypt Shredder

The trial version is limited to 100 program starts.