With the Cloudevo download can be integrated as a new drive in your own PC and use the cloud drive to synchronize files between multiple devices or to work together with colleagues different cloud storage services on the Internet.

connect multiple cloud services with the Cloudevo Download

The cloud drive can also be quite good for archiving their own data or for backup use. The private data are safe from unauthorized access by third parties, as they are encrypted in the cloud using AES-256 and the personal key and password of the user. The supplier Evorim has no access to the data, but only the users themselves even by his own account. For added security, ensures that the data is divided into several fragments and uploaded at different cloud services.

Cloudevo downloadThe Cloudevo Download combines any number of cloud storage into a large unified memory. (Picture: Evorim)

No restrictions on the quantity of files or file size

Cloudevo combined individual cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or onedrive to a large unified memory, which is then mounted as a drive on the device. It is not important which provider the user has its cloud storage. The amount of data in Cloudevo drive depends on the number of available storage space in the cloud services. There are Cloudevo by itself basically no restrictions on the quantity of files or file size.

Cloudevo Download SecurityEnhanced security through encryption and parallel processing (image: Evorim)

Selected folders can be excluded from synchronization

The own files are automatically synchronized by Cloudevo. The freeware downloads these encrypted high in the connected cloud services, so that the user can access it while on the go. The cloud can be expanded by the user adds more cloud accounts. Cloudevo supports paid like free cloud storage.

Those who want to save time when you synchronize files using the so-called partial synchronization. Here the user can specify which files and which are later or not synchronized immediately. Specific files or folders can thus be completely also exclude from synchronization.

Cloudevo Download CloudsCloudevo supports a variety of cloud providers. (Picture: Evorim)

share via Cloudevo download files with someone

In the offline mode, it is possible to work as usual on the Cloudevo drive. All changes are recorded and synchronized once the user is back online. Those who want to share files with other people, simply select the desired files and determines how long it should be available for others to use. The recipient can download the data via download link. Other programs to synchronize data to download contains our well-stocked software catalog.

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