WhatsApp does not work: This can be done

WhatsApp does not work: This can be done

There are still times again and again that users must determine WhatsApp does not work. The question is, it’s up to the app or on the device. Now go on cause and correct the error!

If WhatsApp strike and prevents the user from getting his daily Plauder dose could have gotten frustrated. Finally, the Messenger already has over 800 million users who have completed the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS. In case of difficulty, applies initially to find out whether this is a general problem that affects multiple users, or if it only occurs on your own device.

WhatsApp does not work

WhatsApp does not work – who else is affected?

The problem is with oneself or there are disturbances in the Messenger and others are also affected? To make this matter thoroughly, the user has several possible points of contact.

WhatsApp does not work System Status

  • (1) A variant that out, go through the app itself. The user opens the client menu and navigate across settings and Hilfezum system status. Is there: WhatsApp service works properly, everything seems fine.

  • (2) To be on the safe side, there are two websites that provide information to server failures and surrender the like. One is an official error message page, announces its faults and server failures by all major services. If the error in WhatsApp are, you can read about it on this page.

WhatsApp does not work Allestörungen

  • (3) The other source of information is a Twitter site on which the developer of the Messengers tweet diligently. WhatsApp does not work? Then the problem is discussed on this website.

  • (4) Beyond that there are within the app clues that may indicate server overloads. On the one hand appear under the settings not connected with the network status in red. Lacking as within the chats that which is also the last online chat partner a sign of server problems.

WhatsApp does not last online

WhatsApp is not just on your own mobile phone

Was found no problem on the part of the messenger at the above troubleshooting, it goes to the cause of research on your own smartphone. Sometimes only one setting is incorrect or the Internet does not work. These areas of the user should tap:

  • Control of Internet connection: It is necessary to ensure that Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection with good signal strength is available. For this, simply surf to any web page using the mobile browser. Who identifies problems, start the smartphone again.

WhatsApp does not work even connected to the Internet? Anyone who has already carried out a restart of the smartphone, can now by testing the following options.

WhatsApp does not work Version

  • First, the user should ensure that it has the latest version of the Messengers. The version number can be found under Settings, Help, and About. Is the Messenger of date, users will find the current version from the link in the second paragraph.

  • could help also, airplane mode of the mobile device times on and off. To find this mode is about the settings of the smartphone.

WhatsApp does not work airplane mode

  • Strike WhatsApp still, the problem may also be related to the mobile operator. Under certain circumstances, the APN settings are not right. Here, the user is, however, dependent on the help of the provider.

Who needs despite all options still find WhatsApp does not work, try something different: Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. Before entering this step, you should make a backup of his chat history. This can then be recorded in the new installation.