Wireless TO GO disable Thus shall it be the HotSpot going

Telekom customers can provide their WLAN by a HotSpot users free of charge. Those who do not wish to have to disable WLAN TO GO. read here how to turn off the option.

There are two ways that customers of Telekom WLAN TO GO can use. Either they are in possession of a call & Surf tariff or they use a Entertain tariff that can be used on the mobile device is consistent with the download of the Entertain to go app too.

disable WLAN TO GOWireless TO GO clear - that works for you

Unwanted function: disable Wi TO GO

If you look at the net some forums and communities to, there are many items of customers Telekom, upset about the range of WLAN TO GO. Not because it somehow does not work well or causes problems, but because the Telekom activated the option apparently with customers without being asked. Many telecom users complain that they have found the function after a tariff change with them, but they have not asked whether they want to enable Wi-Fi TO GO or not. Apparently, the function is automatically put into operation when the corresponding router Speed ​​Port 724V is used.

Telekom tried something in this way to realize the network coverage? That customers are angry at the lack of communication and education and want to disable the Wi-Fi GO TO option, is more than understandable. We help!

Switch off Wi-Fi GO TO: How to

Fortunately, disabling this additional function is not a big deal. If you are not sure whether the option is enabled or not, this can check the settings menu of the router. There is then the WLAN TO GO status on "active", Moreover, in this case, the SSID "Telekom_FON" in the network list would be visible.

To make disabling, the user proceeds as follows:

Wireless TO GO disable LoginFirst one logs in at Telekom

  • First, the user logs in to the telecom side.
  • Now he navigated to the Services pane & Subscriptions.
  • There the WLAN TO GO option appears fairly low & which is now clicked HotSpot.

Wireless TO GO disable buttonHere you click on the link marked in red

  • In the WLAN TO GO field, there should be the more link to WLAN to Go. This is selected.
  • There the button looking Unsubscribe appears.

Problems Disable

Some users who wanted to disable their wireless TO GO, report that it does not work in the way just described. In this case, the following causes may be responsible:

  • If the tariff is still fresh, it may be that the system is just too slow. The user must then simply wait for something, usually the Logout button appears after 2-3 weeks. Usually it works out, when the message "For the selected port are open orders before" disappears.

Wireless TO GO disable jobsIf there are still open orders, the system is not up to date

  • In others, the reboot of the router has helped to ensure that the changes are made.
  • If you have attempted both options to the goal, we recommend the customer to contact us.