Helium Audio Joiner

Helium Audio Joiner merges several audio files of different formats into a single file. The music lover can thereby add to request silence between tracks. The length of the pause before the playback of the next track in each case can be set at will.

Helium Audio Joiner Download combines several pieces of music to a file

In addition, a CUE file with Helium Audio Joiner can be generated. This includes information about the newly created audio file. The freeware checked with the integrated analysis function, the audio files for errors, both before and after assembly. Helium Audio Joiner supports the formats AAC, FLAC, M4A, M4B, MP3, MP4, MPC, Ogg Vorbis, Wave, WAVPack and WMA. The user has a free choice in destination format and sound quality.

Helium Audio Joiner Download

Quick and easy to be with Helium Audio Joiner several pieces of music combine into a single file and save all the playlists in an audio file. Especially with audiobook titles this is quite useful. The individual parts can be completely seamlessly joined together.