With free Ludwig download is a music software on the PC that accesses the user in composing vigorously under his arms. If the amateur musician a melody in my head, Ludwig can arrange the remaining accompaniment or more votes to do so. The tool can handle up to 25 different styles. In addition, the composer brings a trainer for practicing instruments and an extensive song database.

become Beethoven Ludwig download itself

The range of freeware for music production is quite considerable. The range of composition, however, been rather neglected. Amateur composers and musicians, so the search for a suitable tool to let their creativity run wild, should look at Ludwig in more detail. The so-aptly named tool helps users in arranging and accompanying pieces of music of any kind it classical, salsa, rock or house -. With the music program can be implemented up to 25 music genres. In the Pro version is as high as 50 different styles. In addition, the sound artist composes up to 16 voices, depending on the genre in the form of an orchestra or band instrumentation.

Ludwig download

Music production software for Windows PCs

To download the software Ludwig stable and fast internet connection should be given, because the program is impressive 540MB hard. The tool is designed for Windows PCs and runs on the operating systems XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8. In Vista, the start of the installation file can be somewhat bumpy in certain circumstances. be provided 1 MB of RAM and 2 GHz Pentium or AMD. In addition, due to the included sound library 700 MB of disk space are required, a dual-core is recommended. Logically, a sound card is part of the required PC equipment.

Music Tool Ludwig can compose more than

Users feed the music tool with a simple melody can get a complete choral movement, a big band arranged as a box office hit or finished rock or pop song at the end. The output can tune by keyboard, mouse or - entered through a MIDI keyboard - what is most comfortable. Those who wish can then be simply work the Ludwig download or get involved in the orderly arrangement. So, among other different sections of a piece by different emotion levels can be arranged. In this way increases, highlights, harmonic turning points can be implemented so precise.

Ludwig Download Exercise

Integrated music teacher for various instruments

In addition to composition function, the versatile Ludwig software also comes with a music teacher for students willing. Anyone who wants to learn an instrument, refresh their skills or expand, is especially like this feature. The tool can compose different Pieces for Piano, guitar, keyboard, violin, cello, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, soprano recorder, alto recorder and glockenspiel. These pieces can be replayed, in support are the tool for many of the instruments also handle images to.

Helps break down inhibitions to the free play and composing, the auto Composer even has an improvisational training on board. In addition, the software has a song database that contains about 450 music tracks. Recording, storing and importing votes and scores, however, is reserved for Pro users.

Limitations of Ludwig

The trial version of Ludwig is used indefinitely, but some functions, including memory function deactivated.