MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

Of the MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Download digitized and restored old analog recordings. So the music lover saves recordings on cassette or music from vinyl records to the digital age and adapts them sound as you desire to. The new version of the shareware brings but with several improvements and some new templates.

Audio Cleaning Lab Download: digitizing old analog recordings

Improve record, convert, burn: Audio Cleaning Lab makes audio restoration beginner-friendly. This is ensured by setting ready-made sets for different applications. equipped with the optimum start music lovers in an uncomplicated way recording. Favorite sounds can be transferred to any music using the SoundCloner.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab eliminates noise of all kinds

Once completed, the restoration with very easy-to-use tools begins to De-Clicking, -rauschen, -brummen and -knacksen. After eliminating noises, the user also improves the overall sound quality with the integrated mastering tools of the now fourth generation - either manually or using pre-made presets. And who so not to find your way in the jungle effect, which are on top of useful tips.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Download

Recording and digitizing of old and new audio material

Then convert user songs to the format and burn them straight to disc also. By the way: If several songs with the same settings are processed, it is also possible in batch mode. At a stroke, all recordings can edit and convert. The shareware provides a straightforward recording and digitizing of old and new audio material. Single audio clips can be cut about to move or provided with interesting effects. Even with the conversion function of the audio helper has a lot to offer: It converts audio files in the most popular formats to and saves them on CD, smartphone or hard drive. Numerous other audio editors contains our software catalog for free download.

The key features MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab at a glance:

  • Remove Noise
  • Preferences for sound optimization
  • Automatically complete album info
  • adjust volume levels
  • reduce clipping
  • Add sound effects and audio comments
  • Import and export audio files

Limitations of MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab

30 day trial