JPEG resampler

JPEG resampler reads a list of photos and adapts them in size and scale. Subsequently, the photo-Freeware stores images in a new folder. The user sets the desired resolution and makes use of multiple processing filter. The basic settings of JPEG resampler let the Fotofreund choose between one of four filters. They differ in terms of speed and quality. Also on board include the Triangle- and Mitchell filter. If necessary to sharpen the photos during processing or applies a blur. In JPEG EXIF ​​data resampler does not understand a train station. The meta-information includes information about the shutter speed and zoom level. The image downsizer exports the EXIF ​​data and makes it available for access by other programs. For the use of the images on a website can still adds a text or a logo on request. Many photo viewer already provide a batch processing. However, this feature often hides behind a veritable forest of functions that are not needed. JPEG resampler without objection does its job in terms of image reduction, without the user with unnecessary functions "flood", The user determines what resolution scales the images and how big should be the photo. Attractive makes the tool also its support for the integration of text and logo and the integrated converter.