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Of the glotz Direct Download transforms the web browser in a proper telly. The free Web service offers many Live streams of German and international TV channels. Users can next to ARD & Co., for example, are looking forward to broadcasters such as RTL, VOX or Turkish-speaking channels of TRT. Instead integrate the streams into your page, the TV service, however, refers only to the part of providers and will open in a separate window the respective offer.

glotz Direct Download: Access to German and international channels

The Web App by the TV channels by categories such as News, music, sports and movies, as well as by country. Not only stations are represented in the German area, but also from other European countries as well as international stations, including those from Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Russia and the United States.

glotz Direct Download

Many specialized channels for music, entertainment, sports and movies

The staring directly download will open a new browser window with the streaming offering of the station when a click on the corresponding transmitter icon. With the offer: Numerous specialized channels from soccer to entertainment, music, sports and movies. Since the TV WebApp ensure observance of exploitation rights, some of the links lead to the subscription pages from providers such as Sky or Many offers from USA who work with IP blocks, therefore, can not be recalled without assistance as Stealthy for Chrome.

Good choice of programs with private and public broadcasters

The program selection of staring directly can be quite impressive: In addition to the public broadcasters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, of course, are also private channels such as RTL, SAT1 and SuperRTL at the start. In addition, provides the Freeware Links to international channels as the Turkish TRT, the Spanish TVE or the British BBC.

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Faster, easier access to media libraries with staring directly

Attaches particular importance to the staring directly Downkoad a quick access to the media libraries of television stations from around the world. The web service is quite clear along the media libraries of small and large television stations by topics and countries. Those who register a free account, you can create your own favorites among the media centers and stations. After signing the TV friend placed the favorite TV channels at the top of the page so that it no longer has to look awkward this.

staring directly download media libraries