Lidl Connect Unlock & losplappern: How to 2023

Lidl Connect Unlock & losplappern: How to

Those who opt for the discount-mobile offer, must first SIM card from Unlock Lidl Connect. We show how to make the mobile phone ready for use. Get started now!

Lidl has also brought as other discounters own mobile phone brand on the market. Users can choose between different rates, but there gagged to a contract. To manage the tariff for charging and cost control, users can download the Lidl Connect app.

Unlock Lidl ConnectUnlock Lidl Connect – so simple it’ll work

Lidl Connect unlock: Requirements

Before users can unlock their SIM card with a Lidl deal, they must of course these get first. The SIM card is available as a starter pack, which can be purchased in one of the branches. Alternatively, you can also package the web, the online store of the discount, order. The starter set comes – no matter for which tariff you have decided -with 10 Euro credit around the corner.

When is the SIM card ready?

The discounter said that the activation of the SIM card usually takes only 30 minutes. It is therefore, shortly after having unlocked Connect, already available and can make calls or busy surfing the net. Only in rare cases it can take up to 24 hours – but that’s the exception.

Sun Connect will be shown step by step

In order to unlock its SIM card from Lidl Connect, there are two options:

  • a) Call on the registration hotline: 0800 – please have 503,583 7. For this purpose, all documents of the starter package.
  • b) the online area to unlock
  Lidl Connect Unlock & losplappern: Comment

How to perform variant b), is to be explained in more detail below:

Lidl Connect via emailOn this website you can unlock its SIM card

  • (1) First, the user releases the SIM card from the starter pack and places it into the phone. The device is now switched on and the PIN (see starter pack) is input.

  • (2) Then, the user opens any browser this site. There, the activation in three steps is performed. To continue, you still need the starter package, as all data contained therein are needed.

  • (3) On the SIM card carrier can be found the phone number and the activation number. These must be entered on the website in the appropriate fields. The activation number consists of five digits, these are the last of the SIM card number.

Lidl Connect enable activation numberInd en documents finds the number and activation number

  • (4) In the next step, the user specifies personal customer data. Since name, email, address and date of birth are queried. In addition, a password must be defined and the bank account or credit card will be given.

  • (5) The third step online, the SIM card is activated. Now the user has to wait a while until the card is actually released. Whether worked unlock the Lidl Connect and it is now accessible is a signalized by a welcome message. The user receives the following SMS from the number 70220: "Welcome to Lidl Connect. So that the SIM card can be updated settings, please restart your mobile device. Have fun with Lidl Connect. Your customer service.",

Then the user can start calling cheerfully, bombard friends with messages and surf the net.