Google or Apple App Store Forgot your password?

That App Store Forgot Password? learn how the password can be reset and the access to Google account or to iTunes can be restored in a few steps!

App Store Password Forgot? So a new one is established:

If you have problems after the Google Play Store or download of the application in iTunes, in most cases, resetting the password help.

Google App Store Forgot Password

Since the Play Store regularly connected to a Google Account, the password must be reset. Simply open the link below and enter the address of the Google account and click on Next. Below now the option must I remember not select me. are following three options are available for the verification of the account:

App Store Forgot PasswordApp Store Password Forgot? Google offers three variants to enter a new one. Image: Google.

  1. Phone: Was when registering the Google kotos a phone number stored, the code for resetting the password via call or SMS can be requested. Otherwise, you choose the option: I can not access my phone and proceeds to point two or three.
  2. Security Question: In general, a so-called safety question is asked during the registration process. Can this and / or data to answer for verification, is the password after reset and it can be a new will be awarded.
  3. E-mail address: A third variant is the option of an alternative e-mail address. However, this must also have been deposited into the account be. Google sent a link, a new password can be assigned to the call to the address.

Forgot your iTunes password

Was the Apple App Store forgot password, a new password can be set for the ID. Apple offers four variants to reset the password. The condition is that the e-mail address of the Apple ID is known. First, the site of the Apple ID account is called and the bottom of the window forget the Apple ID or password option? clicked. After entering the ID there are these ways to set a new password:

Forgot Password iTunes App Storeset a new password for the Apple ID.

  1. Security Question: Analogous to the Google Account can be verified even at Apple by answering a security question and enter after a new keyword.
  2. E-mail address: For this, the e-mail option is chosen will receive. Apple then sends a resetting link to the primary e-mail address or, alternatively, to the specified address to restore. So check both accounts!
  3. Two-step verification: It must set up in advance and a corresponding device to be verified. During the verification process, a 14-character existing recovery key has been transmitted. It now must be entered and verified a device can be selected. a code is sent to this, a new password can be set to enter it.
  4. Two-factor authentication: With this method, the password using a verified iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be reset. The procedure is slightly more complex: First, the iCloud option is selected in the settings and the name called. In the next step, the points Password & called security and change the password afterwards. Here, a new password can now be entered.

App Store forgot password via e-mailImages: Apple