Basically, this tool all the features of a good photo editing software and is very easy and intuitive to use. Fotor comes in triplicate, leaving only miss retouch.

The Fotor download for easy image editing

With a Fotor download the user fetches a very useful Werkezugkasten in terms of image editing on the computer. The download and the subsequent installation go quickly and are easily and directly after the user can even edit their images or upload them to wish on various social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Filckr. Unfortunately, the program is only in English on the computer, so that solid language skills in English required.

Fotor download

The special feature of practical and comfortable Fotor

The photo software provides many useful tools for image editing. This includes Tools to correct exposure, color saturation or contrast, various effects and filters, as well as digital frames and capabilities for written comments on the pictures. Furthermore provides the Freeware 60 different templates and 16 different backgrounds. it is also possible to the users to make photo with this program collages. Unique to Fotor is its triple execution. The program is available as:

  • Desktop Application
  • Windows app
  • Regular Web App

Here, the tools are similar in these different versions and only the navigation changes slightly. The following video tutorial explains again step-by-step how the user can embellish a picture:

Design and operation of the image editing tools

In the desktop application program interface on black-gray background is on the right side the entire toolbar that takes the user to edit his pictures carefully.

Fotor download program interface

Intuitive to use these tools present, so it will be easy for the inexperienced image editor itself to revise his photos at will. This ease of use is also what distinguishes Fotor of other image editing software for free download. Because with hardly any of the user navigates quickly and easily through the various functions such as this. The fact that she is beautiful and tidy to look at, is another plus point for this software.