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The issues of data security and privacy have been present for the NSA affair even if Otto Normalverbraucher. And so the relatively new instant messaging service Telegram has just especially taken these aspects to heart. As with Snapchat Android users can use the Telegram app Replace self-destructing messages with other Telegram users. In addition, each communication is encrypted with the server.

Telegram app provides privacy of its users to the fore

Ever since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, many users have become suspicious. The global monitoring and espionage, uncovered and made public by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden, has contributed their part to do so. And the social network Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg had never gives the impression than stood the user's privacy and data protection in the foreground. This gap is now trying obviously the Telegram app for Android smartphones to occupy by the Focus consciously on data security and encryption sets.

Telegram app

Communication encrypted with the server

So when Telegram app for example, each communication is encrypted with the server. It is also possible to activate "secret chats". Here messages are then exchanged via end-to-end encryption. As with Snapchat users can use the Android app also send messages that delete after a certain time itself. In addition to text messages they can send free and voice messages, photos, videos and other documents.

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Messenger app from founders developed

the instant messaging service by the brothers Nikolai and Pawel Durow was founded. And even in the very year in which the NSA affair became known and Facebook WhatsApp took: 2013 start-up experience the Russians had already with the social network, the most popular social network in Russia. In addition to the Android app, there is a telegram for the Apple iPhone and Windows Phone, unofficially as a desktop version for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The providers themselves emphasized in addition to the privacy and data security and the speed: The telegram was the fastest on the market, partly because of its decentralized infrastructure.

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New Messenger service with convincing features The concept of data security and privacy is quite convincing, especially due to the aftermath of Edward Snowden. Basically, the provider has everything it the market leader and other free Messenger & are VoIP providers - but does this on top of another. Thus, the Telegram app for example, completely free. In addition, the delivery of content is unlimited. But in terms of data security does not seem to be all the gold even with this supplier that glitters. This allows the app, for example, automatically saves all address book entries without the consent of the user or the persons concerned. Another drawback is that the app is not yet widely disseminated.