The best wireless name: Over 50 great ideas for you!

The best wireless name Instead of boring Router Version: We were looking for you over 50-awake names for your internet and found. Get inspired!

The best wireless nameThe best name for your wireless network. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

And if things do not relate to its own Wi-Fi, but you are desperately looking for a hotspot, we recommend downloading the free WiFi Finder. The ingenious tool even has an offline mode in which you will find after downloading the database without connecting to the Internet the next free access.

"Magic References": The best wireless name

The name of the Wi-Fi has become almost a form of communication. We looked around times in the networks and picked out the craziest names for you. Come together are the best Wireless name, we could find and who make up over 50 witty name.

"Buy yourself Internet": fear of unauthorized access? Then this wireless name perhaps help!

Who would not want that someone is cheating in its WLAN, which should even try it with these names:

  • Here net you come in!
  • Do not even think about it!
  • Get out of my WLAN!
  • Mine not yours!
  • Nothing is for free!
  • Hey, stop using our internet!
  • Go Home tourists!
  • Do not touch it!
  • No free WiFi here!
  • Go somewhere else!

"WuTang LAN": The best word

The following WLAN name may not be the most ingenious, entertaining but they are always:

  • It Hurts When IP
  • Obi Kenobi WiFi
  • Lord Voldemodem
  • The Promised LAN
  • Pretty fly for a WiFi!
  • LAN solo
  • cuckoo network
  • Center of power
  • Gaylan
  • No Wi-Fi No Cry
  • Here could be your advertising
  • Hogwarts

"Unfortunately, no cable Germany": Black Humor

Those who rather want to ask his good style to the test, can try with these names:

  • Trump
  • Gateway2Hell
  • Cocaine has arrived!
  • Top secret! For real!
  • Babyklappe
  • Not for fat children
  • Your WiFi is in another castle
  • I am your father
  • Hello Neighbor!
  • I know your wife
  • Go out and play!
  • Your mother is a hotspot
  • Your Mudda taps Fi at KIK
  • I hate my neighbors
  • comic neighbors
  • Password is password

"Click mother!": The best name for wireless technology Outgoing Disseminated

Finally, there is the WiFi names with which you can put a lot of the older generation in sheer panic:

  • Network detection failed
  • NSA
  • c: /virus.exe
  • Trojan distribution system
  • Worldwide data network
  • Federal trojan
  • And wireless Internet connection
  • virus Center
  • Hidden WIFI
  • untrusted Network
  • Please wait ...
  • Loading ...
  • Dial-up is not possible
  • Error 404: Not Found Network
  • Need a wireless cable!
  • untrusted Network
  • Slow WiFi
  • Virus Detected! Do Not Join!
  • No WiFi detected