With the 360 Battery Plus App can increase the duration of their smartphones by up to 50 percent by shutting down unnecessary applications users.

360 Battery Plus app improves the battery performance of androids

Battery Saver is now available in non-manageable number. However, it has managed no tool in such a short time to catapult the download figures as to the level as the free use of 360 Security Apps. 360 Battery Plus app is one of the most efficient widgets to minimize battery consumption and thus extend the stand-by time - with just a tap. In addition, users can be warned on the smartphone and speed up the boot process itself in unusual current tugging operations.

360 Battery Plus App360 Battery Plus app is currently the most efficient tool to optimize the battery life of the smartphone.

All features at a glance

The application combines a number of features that save battery power in overalls and extend its life.

  • instant optimization: With a tap battery consuming background apps are selected and completed.
  • Permanent saving electricity: Apps are removed from the startup mode and the re-start prevented by other processes.
  • Monitoring the batteryThe tool retains both the temperature of the battery and the remaining standby time in mind.
  • detailed stats: In addition to the remaining standby time, there are details about power consumption and, consequently, optimization suggestions.
  • Various power saving profiles: Depending on the personal usage patterns can be selected from various profiles.
  • warning: At elevated temperatures or excessive battery consumption, the app warns, offering immediate optimization.
  • fast loading: By reducing the running background applications, the charging process can be significantly accelerated.
  • Nine languages ​​to choose fromThe user interface can be displayed in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French and German.

Free app with advertising

360 Battery Plus app is available for free download. However, the application is funded by the insertion of advertising. Unfortunately still missing an option that to go through in-app purchases or a paid Premium version of the optimization tools out of the way. Nevertheless, here the benefit outweighs clearly and significantly longer battery life makes you forget the sometimes annoying advertising. All who seek a free as effective tool to conserve the batteries of their mobile phones, should resort to such use.